Jennifer Daniels (jennwarren) wrote in brooklynfans,
Jennifer Daniels


I can see that this community has been quiet lately (or so it seems).

I have no idea how canon this is, but I stumbled across this website that has 4 Seasons of 'Timedancer' stories written.

Some are better than others, but it has an overall plot. And naturally, lots of Brooklyn. I really however, wish that they had continued writing, as you will see by the end of Season 4 that the story isn't complete.

<3 Brooklyn

While it's not hopeful that the second DVD of Season 2 will ever come out, there's also a website called ... ah, here's the link that goes to the Gargoyles three seasons.

You can watch Megavideo there if you want, but it turns off after a bit, but the youtube videos are good to watch as well. Alas, alas... not as much Brooklyn as we could want, but better than nothing, I suppose.
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