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Hi folks

First for some introduction

Name/Nickname: Brooky (see above)
Age: 25 (for now)
Sex: male
How long have you been a Gargoyles fan?

- Forever since I first watched Gargs on TV. This must have been about 1998 / 1999

Who is your favorite Gargoyles character?

- Guess for yourself :)

Is there anywhere else we can find you? (Websites/forums etc)

-Yeppers, ICQ, MSN, and some dragon-related Forums, Webpages etc.

Random info: (Whatever you'd like to add!´)

- I'm from Germany and fell in love with Brooklyn since I first saw him on TV.
Somehow it seemed that Brooklyns personality and mine were the same and he had to go
through the same kind of trouble that I had during this time.
Somehow this time was very formative to me and after I was all alone I virtually found a
friend in Brook. Well, the time went on and I found out that I do like dragons very much too.
So I've been joining some dragon communities but never lost my connection to Brook all the way
through my life.
After googling around for Brook for a while today I stumbled over this Community and it seems
that I owe a Livejournal account from now on.

So much for now. Please feel free to contact me any time.

Oh, and here's one picture a good friend of mine has drawn for me.
Image is all rights reserved to David Rudski.
Enjoy and best regards from Germany.

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