yeah, i live on the hellmouth. (vichan) wrote in brooklynfans,
yeah, i live on the hellmouth.

Satisy my craving. Please.

My love for Gargoyles was recently revived. I'm talking full blast, here.

I know I'm in the minority here (as usual), but my OTP is still Brooklyn/Demona.

Does anyone know of any Brooklyn/Demona fics hiding in the corners of the internet? I'm trying to put together a comprehensive list of any and all Brook/Dem fics, fanart, ANYTHING. Any help you guys can give me would me much appreciated.

Cross-posted to nearly every Gargoyles community on LJ. Sorry!
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Yeah, I wrote one. lol

Go to GFW. Scroll authors list to BOBSZY. The 4 part story "The Broken One" is a B/D fic.
I love your stories. You written anymore Brooklyn/Demona?